AI to help developers

AI to help developers

With the trend going on ChatGPT and Github copilot I am scared that my job may go and discussed the same with my father about this.

My father told me something that helped me to rethink

When he was working as a bank employee in the early '90s Bank decided to introduce computers to make manual error-prone. This led to strikes from employee associations. My dad was also worried that computers may replace him, but he learned that it is helping him and he was the first person to select a team where that need to make the whole manual process computerized. He traveled to all branches in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to integrate this process.

This made me dig deep into chatGPT by seeing YT videos and reading blogs that how can it help me in my daily job

#1 use case:

It helps me to prepare for interviews,

I typed

"Now you are a react interviewer, ask me advanced react questions"

#2 use case:

Now I want to build my start-up idea, I need a designer for my company logo and images on the website

I have typed, "Write a prompt for a photo of a person referring a job to another one"

It replied "Capture the essence of networking and referral-based job searching in a single photo. Show a person confidently referring a job opportunity to another person, with a genuine smile on their face and a look of excitement and anticipation on the recipient's face. The scene should convey the idea of collaboration, support, and trust, and inspire viewers to explore the power of referral networking in their own job search."

Copy and paste the content in Canva, dall-e-2 or Adobe Spark and we can get images

#3 Use case:

Copy the error you got in the console and paste it in chatGPT

#4 Use case:

Working with GitHub Copilot

Install the GitHub Copilot Extension in vs code

We can ask any question in our js file no need to use the website

If we want to create an HTML for example a bulleted list we can implement like below

With the above example, we can conclude github co-pilot and chatGPT can help developers to make them write an error-prone better code

Near soon AI is not going to replace me but If I don't embrace the changes happening and being rigid, yes It can replace me or anyone else

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this... Bye :)